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Our expertice ranges from contruction staking on Airport Runways, to topographic mapping of residential house sites. Ground control for aerial mapping to recovering lost mineral claims and original Goverment public land corners, expert testimony and boundary opinions.

We take pride in providing professional services to our clients and we understand our duty to all who are affected by the quality of our work. Land ownership is one, if not the largest, investments in your life. Helping you understanding land descriptions, title exceptions and physical location of your property is the most important job we have.

Whether your property is subject to collateral attack from another survey, possesory claims from another property or you have improvements your un-sure of, we can help you understand the issues and work with your Attorney if needed.

Take a look at the "Our Team" page for a more personal view of our professional qualifications and the "Sample Projects" page for examples of our informative survey notes.

We will continue to add more as our site is developed. Please feel free to contact us for more information.